Annoying Things Golfers Say

golf buddies


Golf is a frustrating, but fun sport to play. Hitting an awesome drive, sinking birdies, and hanging out with your friends are all the ingredients for a fun time. What can get annoying on the golf course are the typical things golfers say. Sure, there are funny comments that will be made. But there are also annoying phrases that other golfers will say. Here are some of the more annoying phrases you’ll hear on the golf course.  


We’re In A Match


Yup, we all heard the phrase “WE’RE IN A MATCH” before. And for many of us, it makes our blood boil. Most golfers will try to maintain pace, but when some are in a match, they’ll take their sweet time. We get it, there might be money on the line, however, that phrase shouldn't be the excuse to hold up play.  


You’ve Got No Standing On The Course


There is something to be said about playing a round of golf solo. You don’t get hung up and can keep pace of play. However, there are times that a 4-some will ask you to hurry up and complain. Even if you have a good pace of play, some golfers will beg to differ. It’s only a matter of time before they’ll quote an obscure golf rule and say, “You’ve got no standing on the course.” Meaning solo players defer to groups. It’s especially annoying when that group ends up holding you up.  


Play Ready Golf




No one likes a slowpoke on the golf course. It’s recommended to keep the game moving so you’re not holding up other groups. However, there is a difference between keeping a good pace and being hurried up while playing. And depending on how the round goes, you might end up being stuck behind a slow group anyway. But when you have that one group or buddy that always says “Play ready golf” it gets annoying quickly 


Get Left


Not all drives are perfect. Some hook and some slice, but there’s always a chance it could land straight. Kind of like a baseball home run where it’s close to the foul pole, we all wish it can stay fair. However, when other golfers or your buddies keep saying after every swing, it gets old. We get it, you want it to go left, but you always hit left.  


Can We Play Through?


golf swing


When it makes sense, there’s nothing wrong with asking a group to play through. It happens to all of us. But if you’ve been on the golf course enough, you’ll run into a 4-some that asks, “can we play through” every time. No matter if it’s a log jam on the course or just a slow group, that phrase seems to come up. If the situation doesn’t allow it, just don’t say it.  

Despite these annoying phrases, you’re playing golf and having a good time. The next time you’re out on the golf course, make sure you have the right summer gear. Stand out on the golf course when sporting our golf polos and hats.