Golf's Awkward Moments 

Golf balls

When playing a round of golf with your buddies, there will be a fair share of embarrassing and awkward moments. It’s a part of the game. Golf is inherently a fun game and these moments should be celebrated. Some golfers will ALWAYS remind you of that bad slice and some will share those memories on social media, for all to witness. Either way, most of these experiences are pretty hilarious. Here are some of our favorites.  


Fore! Was That a Window?

golf shot hits window

There are plenty of golf courses that are in the middle of a residential neighborhood. As you play on one of these courses, you’ll be surrounded by all types of homes...your golf ball will find. It’s a concern in the back of a golfer's mind when lining up for a shot (please, please, please don’t hit that house). During an 18-hole round, it’s inevitable that someone in your party will hit a house (hopefully not out of spite). Let’s hope you don’t hit a window and scurry off to the next hole. 


Hitting Your Buddies Golf Ball

hitting buddy's golf ball

It happens to the best of us. You’re going through the motions and then you line up your shot for birdie, only to realize that wasn’t your ball. Depending on the match, it can determine who ends up with the lowest score. Even something mundane like walking past the golf ball and hitting it with your foot is a big no-no. Don’t be that guy that ruins your friends birdie opportunity, and if it happens, beers on you 


Using the Wrong Club

Sometimes you get into the groove when playing golf with your friends. You guys are hitting good shots and hopefully knocking back a few beers. What can happen is you grab a club from your bag, line up, and hit the perfect swing motion on the ball...only to realize that it was the wrong club. Yep, you hit it solid, but you over/undershot the green. It happens to the best of us, but you don’t want to have that awkward moment, especially if you are trying to shoot for 90 or better.  


Play Your Fairway

Lots of golf courses have interesting course designs. Depending on the layout, you’ll sometimes play alongside another golf hole. Let’s face it, we all know a guy that has hit a great shot but lost the ball. They’ll eventually find it and play the hole out, only to realize that it’s in the wrong fairway. We all know that some balls will hook or slice, but it’s funny to see when it lands on the opposite fairway. What’s our advice? Take some lessons so you can hit it straight.  


Heads Up

golf ball hits tree

There are plenty of weird angles a golf ball can take. As much as you try to commit to your follow-through, sometimes the ball path can take an unexpected turn. The shot you want to watch out for is the one that hits a tree and ricochets right to you. There isn’t much you can do to prepare for that moment. Just keep your head on a swivel and hope the ball doesn’t hit you and leave a mark. On the bright side, it’ll make for an interesting story if you do get smacked.  


The 7-10 Split

Splitting your pants after your swing might be breezy on a hot day, but your group will never let you forget it. You might want to lay off the pizza and burgers if your pants are fitting a little too tight. Just tweet Tom Brady to see how he felt when he split his pants during The Match 2. 


Snowmen Shots

Ah yes, snowmen shots are among the worst plays in golf. For those poor unfortunate souls that score an 8, you’ve unlocked an embarrassing golf moment trophy. We at Proud 90 are not fond of snowmen, so we creatively expressed out disdain by making our “F Snowmen” golf hat. It’s the perfect way to flip the bird to snowmen before hitting birdie.