How Are You Driving? Tips for Hitting With Your Driver


Playing golf requires lots of patience and practice to hit a good shot. The one club that you would love to get a great shot off is your driver. It handles differently than your other clubs and requires some adjustments in your swing to make contact. If you are wondering how to get the most out of your driver, don’t worry, we’ll explain what you need to do.  




golf driver


Golf is one of those games that every little thing matters and how you stand is important. Depending on the club you use, it can determine what your stance will be. For instance, when you are swinging a wedge, you’ll want to stand narrower than shoulder-width apart. However, when using your driver, you’ll want to keep your stance a little wider than shoulder-width. By doing this, it will allow for you to hit the ball solid.  


Ball Position


golf practice


When learning the proper technique for using a driver, the ball position is critical. Many golfers tend to have the ball place in a neutral position. While that may work for other clubs, you won’t get the maximum yardage doing that when swinging a driver. You’ll want to place the ball a little further up your stance. Ideally, the ball should be placed at the instep of your left foot (opposite foot if you are a lefty). This helps square up your swing to make solid contact with the ball. 


Where Do My Hands Go?


Surprisingly enough your hand placement matters when swinging your driver. You’ll want to keep your hands away from your body when swinging. This allows for better technique through the first part of the swing. The end of the driver handle should point toward your belt buckle, as your hands are placed at the end of the club handle. Since the driver is the longer club, you’ll want to create space, so you have a good follow-through with your swing.  


Tee Placement


golf tee


When swinging with a driver, the tee placement matters. For other clubs, the tee is placed low to the ground. With a driver, however, the tee should be placed high. A higher placement allows for more upswing when swinging the club. It’ll also help with increasing the yardage of the drive.


Take it Slow


A common misperception is when swinging the driver, it should be a fast swing. It’s better to swing slow and low when using a driver. The driver picks us speed as you go through your swing, so swinging it fast doesn’t help with your drive. This is because the club-length of a driver is longer than your other clubs. So, slow and low is the name of the game.  


These tips will help you with your overall command of the driver. When adjusting your swing or following these new tips, the key thing to do is practice. That means hitting up the driving range or playing 18. When going out to the golf course, make sure you have a golf polo that is comfortable and looks great. If you are in the market for a new golf polo, then look no further than Proud 90. We have the latest and greatest in golf polos and hats.