What’s The Difference With Golf Hats


Golf hats come in all shapes and sizes. But that begs the question “what golf hat should I wear?” The answer isn’t as easy as picking up an old ball cap and wearing it on the golf course. While, there isn’t a restriction on what kind of hat you wear on the course, wearing the wrong hat can impede on your experience. For golfers that aren’t sure of what hat to wear, here’s our recommendation. 


Hat Styles Explained


Typically, most people are accustomed to a baseball or military style of hats. While a military type of hat isn’t suited for the golf course, ball style caps are. Their primary function is to keep the sun out of the wearer's eyes. Typically, ball type caps fall into a few different categories. Fitted, snapback, strap backflex fit, trucker, and 5-panel hats are the common styles ball caps fall into. But which ones are good for comfortable play on the golf course? 


Strap Back



One of the more common hats you’ll see on the golf course, Strap back hats are popular with golfers. These look like a fitted baseball hat, but they offer more flexibility than a fitted hat. The deal with fitted hats is that they are typically one set size. You would have to know your hat size before purchasing one. 


Also, they tend to trap more heat on your head as opposed to a strap back hat. Strap back hats have an opening in the back that allows for air to go through. They’re also adjustable, so depending on your hairstyle a strap back hat will fit better on your head. 


Snapback Hats



Snapback hats have been around the 50s and were often a staple for a baseball hat. In the 80s and90s, the style took off as different designs and colors were incorporated. This style of hat waned a bit in the early 00s as trucker style hats became popular. Trucker hats have a mesh back to them which allows for increased airflow. 


Made popular by celebrities in the early 00s, they have become a fashion statement with a practical application. However, snapback hats had a resurgence and are immensely popular. What makes them different than a strap back is the adjustable mechanism. Snapback’s literally snap in place while strap backs slide into place. Often seen with a rope design on the hat bill, Snapback hats are hugely popular on the golf course.  


What Hat Should I Wear?



There are a lot of hats to choose from. The answer is whatever hat you feel comfortable in that looks great. Typically, you’ll want a hat that breathes and is comfortable to wear. Strap back, Snapback, and trucker hats are a staple on the golf course.


You’ll not only be able to feel comfortable on the golf course, but it’ll look great too. If you are shopping around for a new golf hat, look no further than Proud 90. We feature golf hats that feel and look great. Go ahead and shop our golf hat selection today.