What Should I Look For In A Golf Polo

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A lot of golfers may not be aware, but not all golf polos are created equal. When playing 18-holes, you work up a sweat. Wearing the right polo can help you stay cool while playing golf. If you don’t have a comfortable polo made for the sun, don’t worry we have it covered. Here’s what to look for when you’re updating your golf polo apparel. 

Breathable Material

There are a lot of golf polos made with cotton and other thicker materials. While that construction works in a colder climate, it can be brutal when it’s sunny out. When searching for a new golf polo, you should check to see what materials they are made with. For golfing in the heat, you should look at polos with breathable material. Depending on the brand it might be labeled “dri-fit” or “moisture-wicking.” These styles of polos allow your skin to feel cool, even if you sweat a lot.  

Materials That Stretch 

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One of the complaints that golfers have is how their shirt interferes with their swing. It happens to the best (or worst) of us. What a lot of golfers swear by, when buying a new golf polo, is the stretch of the polo. New golf polos are made with stretchy materials, so they give the golfer more flexibility. This is especially important when you are swinging your clubs. 

Light and Soft to The Touch

Often overlooked, but equally important when buying a polo is the feel of it. Typically, light and soft materials are the way to go when buying new golf clothes. The feel of the polo should be light and soft on the skin. Polos made with thicker materials can cause irritation to the skin when playing golf. Though mild, the irritation can get annoying and may take you off your game. 

The Look

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We can’t talk about golf polos without talking about the look. Long are the days of boring and outdated golf apparel. Time to update your golf look with new designs and styles. If you’re aren’t sure where to start, check out Proud 90’s golf polo. We feature exciting golf polos that look great when playing golf. One of the great things about them is they also look good off the golf course. Shop our site today to get started.