Dog Days of Summer – How to Beat the Heat




Summer is here and let’s face it, the heat is on. Golfers can rejoice in the fact that more rounds can be played with more sunlight out. However, that also means there will be days that are painstaking hot. So that begs the question “how do I beat the heat?” We can’t guarantee that you won’t feel the heat, but what we can recommend is how to keep cool on a hot summer day on the golf course. 


Golf Polo 


Golf polos have come a long way over the decades. Many of them now include cool and fun designs (like we do at Proud 90). But not all polos are made the same. Specifically, when playing in the sun, the typical cotton polo won’t cut it. Thicker materials will trap in heat causing you to feel miserable when playing. You’ll want to wear a golf polo that features moisture-wicking. Those types of polos not only help keep the sweat off you, but they breathe so the heat won’t get trapped while playing. 


Golf Hat


golf hat


A golfer’s hair comes in all sorts of varieties. So, we get why not all players what to wear a hat on the course. However, a golf hat provides benefits to those that wear them. On days without cloud coverage, a golf hat provides shade for your head and helps keep sweat from dripping on your face. Also, as preposterous as it sounds, you can get a sunburn on your scalp, even if you have thick hair. From our experience, you don’t want to deal with any sunburn, especially on your head.  



 golf course


An obvious necessity in your golf bag, sunscreen needs to be applied any time you are playing golf on a sunny day. The sun’s ultraviolet rays harm your skin and overexposure can lead to some serious health ailments. What can and will typically happen when golfers do not wear sunscreen is skin burn. If you have ever seen memes of a golfer’s tan or bright red skin, then you know how it looks. But if you don’t know, it hurts like hell getting a sunburn, so we suggest you don’t forget to apply some.  




Did you even look the part of a golfer if you didn’t wear sunglasses on a bright day? Hater blockers, as known in some circles, sunglasses are key for playing golf in the summer. Aside from the obvious coolness factor, shades help you see during the day when its sunny out. For those situations when you lose a ball in the sun, you’ll be glad to have your sunglasses to help you find your ball. Well, unless it’s in the drink or it hit a window.  


Beer & Spirits




Finally, beer. Nothing quite hits you on a hot day like a couple of cold beers. Whether it’s during your match (which is customary) or on the 19th-hole, you’ll be glad to drink a cold beer or an ice-cold refreshing spirit. Don’t forget to hydrate with some H2O to go with your beer. Alcohol does dehydrate you so it’s always a good idea to pair it with water. Now you know what you’ll need to stay cool playing golf this summer.