Fore! Which Courses Are Open and How to Maintain Social Distancing

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As golf courses start to reopen, there are a lot of questions that golfers may have. Which courses are open? How are the rules changed to playing a round? Are there social distancing rules? These are just some of the questions you may have when thinking about playing golf. To help clear up ambiguity, we’ve listed some of the best practices when going to the course.  

Which Golf Courses Are Open? 

Expect private and public courses to reopen slowly as they adapt to prepare their facilities. Some courses during this time may remain closed, so it’s best to contact the golf course to check if they are open. However, certain courses ran by local counties are starting to reopen to the public. For example, the “Palm Beach Par-3" golf course is slated to reopen this week. Keep in mind when booking a tee time, to follow the guidelines set by the golf course and local counties.  

Are There Updated Rules to Play?

The short answer is Yes. There are updated rules for playing golf that golfers must adhere to (listed below). 

  • Common areas like the clubhouse, driving range, putting greens, and locker rooms are closed 
  • Payments are handled online or over the phone 
  • Pins cannot be touched, and rakes will be removed 
  • Face masks must be worn at all times 
  • Tee times will be staggered at 15 minutes instead of 10. Players must also arrive 20 mins before their scheduled time  
  • Golfers’ in the same house can ride the cart together, while others will follow the 1 golfer per cart rule 
  • Some courses will have inverted cups, so the ball doesn’t go in. Golfers will simply hit the cup. 

These are the most common updates to playing a round of golf at most courses. Some courses may have slightly different rules, so it’s best to contact them for additional information. 

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What Social Distancing Rules Apply When Playing Golf?

Just like going to the grocery store or other businesses, social distancing must be practiced. This means when golfers visit the course, they must wear face masks and stay 6 feet apart from others. The new golf course restrictions in place should help golfers maintain social distancing. It's also recommended that you bring hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes with you to the course. That along with washing your hands are some of the best practices you can follow when playing golf. For additional information about social distancing guidelines, please refer to the CDC’s website 

Golfers now have a bright light to look forward to with the announcement of golf facilities reopening. With the social distancing guidelines in place, golfers will be able to play golf safely when arriving at the course. Just make sure you’re practicing social distancing when you are playing your round.