Get A Grip! Why Should You Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs

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With golf courses reopening (slowly), now might be a great time to have your grips replaced. The average golfer may wait until the grips are completely worn before replacing them. As much as it might be an inconvenience to get them gripped at a golf store or golf club, it’s a necessary benefit to have it done. Much like a car tire, grips are meant to be replaced as fresh grips help with your overall swing and drive. While you’re thinking about when to set a tee time at your favorite course, here are some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to re-grip your clubs.

What Happens to Club Grips

Club grips become worn during normal swing motion. They also get worn out by heat, dirt, and oil from your hands. These conditions are common when using your club and are unavoidable. Heat when playing a round of golf or leaving them in your car trunk is a factor. When looking at your clubs you should look to see if they are any balding or shiny parts to the grip. That’s usually an indicator of when you should have them re-gripped. Feel is a good indicator too. If the grips feel hard or feel cracked, that’s a sign they need to be replaced.

When Should I Re-grip My Clubs?

Well, it depends on how often you play golf. That will be an indicator when you should have your clubs re-gripped. The rule of thumb for grip replacement is once a year or every 40 rounds (whichever comes first). This may vary on how your golf clubs are kept. For example, if your clubs are kept in a hot garage or you happen to live in a warm-weather climate year-round, you may want to change the grip sooner. Avid golfers will typically re-grip their clubs in the spring before the start of the golf season.

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Are There Benefits to Get My Clubs Re-Gripped?

The short answer is yes! There are tremendous benefits to re-gripping your clubs. With worn club grips, you may inadvertently tighten your handgrip, which can impact your swing and arm position. If they are balding or cracking, they may cause a slip during your swing motion, causing an undesirable ball path. What golfers receive with new grips are a better feel of the clubs with improved tackiness. Also, golfers benefit from decreased tension in the hands and comfort, resulting in a smoother swing.

When it comes to golf, your swing means the difference of staying on the fairway or hitting it into the rough. Not only will re-gripping your clubs help alleviate tension, but it will help you swing smoothly. Plus, you’ll notice how great your clubs feel when using them on the golf course. Don’t forget when heading out to the clubhouse to sport the latest in golf apparel. Shop Proud 90’s golf polos and hats to look fresh out on the course.