How to Get Out of The Sand – Tips for Hitting Out of a Bunker

For many golfers, hazards are the enemy on the course. Whether it’s a pond, a tree, or a bunker, hitting a golf ball back in play is tough. The sand trap is one of the most dreaded places a golf ball can land. It’s a challenge to get the ball out from there. And if you miss the first shot, the second (and third) can lead into “snowman” territory. Take a look at the tips below if you are looking to get out of the sand  


Picking the Right Club


If you find yourself in the sand and are trying to get on the green, the first thing you should do is pick the right club. But which club should I use? That’s the tricky part. The club you use should be determined by where the golf ball is placed. Typically, you’ll want to pick a loft club to hit out of the sand. Depending on where the green is will help you choose which club to use. A high loft club is used when the green is smaller, and a low loft club is used when you have some green to work with.  


Watch Your Step


Golf bunker


Hitting out of the sand isn’t easy. That’s why it’s important to set your feet before hitting it out. For sand shots, you’ll want to hit the ball off your front foot. This allows for an increased trajectory on the ball. You’ll also want to open your stance and clubface before swinging. Generally, you’ll want to turn the club a little toward the left and distribute about 80% of your weight toward the front. This helps with the launch of the ball.  


Get a Grip


golf sand trap


Having the right grip is important when getting out of a bunker. You’ll want to approach your shot with a weak grip and soft arms. A weak grip doesn’t mean you put less pressure on the club, but it’s about the release of the “hinge” of your wrists. What a weak wrist grip does is cause the ball to go higher and stop faster on the green. This happens because the release of the wrist hinge happens earlier in the swing. 


Adjusting Your Swing


Now that you have your feet set, the right club, and grip you can work on your swing. A club swing out of the sand is different than the fairway, there is no doubting that. Adjust your swing to an outside-in swing pattern. When you are at the top of your swing, you’ll want to bend your wrist a little bit. This helps get the right loft angle. How far back you swing depends on how far you need the ball to go. This swing pattern will help get the ball travel high and soft.  


There you have it, our golf tips for helping you get out of the sand. It’ll take some practice to perfect your swing in a bunker, but it’s worth it when you have a great out.