How to throw an Epic Masters Sunday Party…while Social Distancing!

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If you are anything like us, The Masters week and the Final Round on Sunday is right up there with The Super Bowl every year. Obviously with the current state of the world, The Masters 2020 has been rescheduled until November – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy Masters Sunday with all of our friends!

There have been a ton of people who have resorted to setting up massive Video Conferencing hangouts while Social Distancing to get some kind social interaction. Since people are using services like Zoom and Skype for everything from Birthday parties, to gender reveals, to Weddings!!! – we thought it only appropriate that we put together a little guide on how to do so to link up with your friends and watch a Masters Sunday from the past.

We will cover:

  • Where to stream any Final Round of The Masers (going back to 1968)
  • How to set up a FREE Online Video Conference Call with up to 100 of your closest friends
  • Proper Attire for watching the event
  • What Masters Themed foods to try out while you are watching from home
  • Masters Themed Cocktails
  • And last but not least – The Masters Sunday Drinking Game


Where to stream any Final Round of The Masters (going back to 1968)

Thanks to the The Golf Channel and, you can stream the full final-round broadcast from any Masters Sunday at August National from 1968-2019!

You can choose from the different years you want to watch on the by Clicking Here.

With 2019 being one of the most impressive comebacks in sports history with Tiger Woods winning his 5th Green Jacket, we are going to show you exactly how to stream last years Masters Sunday and how to share it with all of your friends on your video conference.

You can do this 1 of 2 ways relatively easily. Either way you will use the link below and click on “Masters 2019 Broadcast: Sunday” to start streaming the round.


 2019 Masters Video Streaming
  1. Add the link in your Video Conference Invite so everyone can stream the video themselves. Ideally, they can use the link to stream on their Smart TV or from computer or iPad hooked up to a big screen. Once you are all ready to kick off the Tournament, have everyone press play at the same time and it will be like you are watching it in real time together. If anyone new joins or your streaming gets interrupted for some reason, just ask everyone else what time in the video they are at and you can easily start the video from there.


  1. The second way is a little more complicated, but it allows you to stream 1 video that everyone can watch together. Most Video Conference services have a screen sharing/presentation option. Using this option, you can stream the video on your computer and share the screen with everyone else to watch on their end. That way if you must pause, or someone new joins in they don’t have to worry about everyone trying to sync up the time and exact location in the round you are all watching.

Once you have the stream up and running, pop it into full screen mode and it will be just like watching it in real time on TV.

       masters par 3                                                                                                                                                                     

How to set up a FREE Online Video Conference Call with up to 100 of your closest friends

People have been using video conferencing to virtually “hang out” more than ever since the world began practicing social distancing. I am sure you have seen the screenshots of 20 or so smiling faces in little boxes on someone computer screen. I have done it a handful of times over the last few weeks, and to be honest it is almost as much fun as meeting up with a bunch of the boys at the bar – especially because you never have to leave the couch!

If we can do it to play Cards Against Humanity and celebrate birthdays, we can use video conferencing to try to enjoy The Masters while social distancing.

There are a number of different video conferencing services that offer a Free option. See a list of the 6 best free video conferencing options below.

There are slight differences in each of the free options – but for our purposes because we will be video chatting for a few hours and, and hopefully with a large group of people – we would recommend using the Citrix Webex option. This is one of the only options that allows up to 100 participants and doesn’t have any limit on the amount of time you can chat. It also has features like screen sharing, video recording, and conference chat which you can get creative and have some fun with during the party.

You will have to sign up for Webex, but like we said – it is free, and relatively painless. Click Here to Sign Up. The only info you will need to sign up is a working email address, and your first and last name. Simple enough! Once you enter your email and name, you will receive an email to create your password. Once you do that, you are all set up and are ready to sign in and start your Video Party!

Keep in Mind – The only person who needs to have an account is the person “Hosting” the Video Conference. Meaning, you can set it up and simply email the invite to up to 100 people and they can all easily click the video link and start Video Chatting without going through the sign up process.

Click Here to Sign In using the page below.

webex sign in

Once signed in, your home screen should look something like the below. You can start a meeting directly from here, or schedule a meeting for the future. To give everyone some time to plan their Masters Party set up, we recommend scheduling a few days in advance and sharing the date and time with everyone.

 webex signed in


Click Schedule and it’s pretty straight forward to set up. Choose the date and time you want the party to start, make an easy password for anyone to put in (we chose masters), and enter in anyone you want to invite. You can also email the invite to people once you have it all set up – we added our own email just to get it started and will send out the invite to our list in Outlook.

 meeting set up

Once it is all set up, the screen will look like the below. When the time comes to start the meeting, either log in and click Start Meeting or click the link on the invite you sent yourself. The one caveat is – you and your fellow partygoers may have to download the Webex app on your computer to enter the video chat. You are able to enter the chat through your web browser, but it does not work with every browser. We use Google Chrome and it works fine.

If you do have to download the app again, it is very simple and it automatically prompts you to do so when you click the meeting invite link. Once you download the app, you will enable your Audio and Video on your computer and your all set to start video chatting!


meeting page

live meeting


Once you are in the meeting, as the Host you are able to Share your screen or certain applications. If you want to share the video stream of The Masters for everyone to follow, you can do so by clicking Share Content and select Share Application. You can choose a tab within your browser to share the streaming video. It may be easier to just allow everyone to stream the video themselves – the quality will undoubtedly be better on their end, but that’s up to you.

share screen 


Now that we got through the technical aspect of getting the party started, lets talk about how to get into The Masters Festivities and turn it into a real Masters Sunday Party!


Proper Attire The Masters Sunday Party

To get into The Masters Mood, we want you to slip on something a little more “Golf Comfortable”. We have done Masters themed parties before, and the best way to decide what your going to wear to the party is to think about what you would wear if you were actually attending Augusta National for The Masters Championship Sunday.

Do you have any Masters branded gear? Do you have a replica Green Jacket you can throw on over a golf shirt to channel your inner Champion? Maybe you have a wild Golf Polo you have been wanting to show off (Click here if you want one 😉) – whatever you decide to do, we encourage you TO GET INTO IT! The more you make this feel like a real deal Masters Sunday party the more fun it is going to be. When sending out the invitation to your “guests”, we recommend letting everyone know about the Proper Party Attire to make sure everyone is getting involved in the spirit of the festivities.

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  masters attiremasters attire 2


 masters caddy outfit



What Masters Themed food to try out while you are watching from home

The Masters at Augusta National is one of the most iconic events to come through the South every year. And being based in The South, that means some good old Southern home cooked snacks.

Here is a list of some Southern snacks you can whip up in your own house, and snack like you just grabbed a Pimento cheese sandwich from a food stand on your way to Amen Corner.

Click the name of each snack for a link to the recipe.

Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Perhaps the most iconic snack at The Masters is the Pimento Cheese Sandwich. This is quick and easy to make – assuming you can get your hands on Pimento cheese. If you have never tried it before, this is a great time to experiment and try out a new tasty dish that will really have you feeling like you are walking the ground of Augusta National.

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Also on the Masters Snack Stand menu, this quick and easy egg salad sandwich is a great snack and easy to cook at home.

Fried Chicken Biscuits
Soak chicken in buttermilk and fry with panko bread crumbs for a simple version of a deep-fried Southern masterpiece. Add creamy gritscorn bread, and collard greens as sides. 

Pimento Mac n’ Cheese Bites
The pimento cheese sandwich is the Masters’ most iconic snack. Make your own party-friendly spin on the classic Southern lunch with these mac n’ cheese bites that are studded with diced pimentos. Tabasco and cayenne pepper add a spicy kick.

Pimento Cheese Dip
Pump up the pimento with this quick recipe for cheesy, peppery dip containing mayo, cheddar, cream cheese, and of course, more pimentos.

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Masters Themed Cocktails

Let’s be completely honest, The Masters (maybe more so this year than ever) gives us an excuse to have a few drinks with the boys/girls and watch some good golf. That is why any Masters party is not complete without some good old fashioned (also one of the cocktails 😊) Masters themed cocktails to enjoy while watching and hanging out with the crew. Any adult beverage will do, but these are a few fun options to try out if you want to really get into the spirit of the day.

Each of the below are served at Augusta National during The Masters Tournament. Click the name for a step by step on how to make them at home.

The Signature Azalea Cocktail

This is the signature cocktail of the Masters golf tournament! Light and refreshing, perfect for watching the tournament on the couch or hanging out in the backyard. Lemon juice, pineapple juice, vodka and grenadine. Make a single cocktail or a pitcher if you want to stick with The Signature for the whole round.

signature azalea

The Spiked Stand 12

This is the go to drink on the course after a long, hot day of walking around. It is refreshing, hydrates, and has a little bit of a kick – and still manages to taste like candy. Basically Pink Lemonade, Blue Gatorade, Sprite and a bit of rum – this one is easy to make and looks and tastes awesome if you get it right.

spiked stand 12

Mint Juleps

This one is a fan favorite for outdoor Southern events, and if you are a bourbon drinker you might want to give it a shot. Not too complicated to make, and will have you feeling like your watching from the grandstand in a big floppy hat right from the comfort of your own couch.

mint julep

Old Fashioned

One of my personal favorites, The Old Fashioned is a mainstay of bourbon drinkers everywhere. Admittedly not as popular when actually at Augusta National, but sticking with the Southern vibe we felt this classic bourbon concoction would be a perfect option for a Masters Sunday spent at home. A bit more bite than some of the others – the good thing is if you have to many all you have to do is switch off your camera and no one will notice you drooling as you sit and watch the rest of the round!

old fashioned


And last but not least – The Masters Sunday Drinking Game

The stage is set, you have your good, you have your drinks – Lets get this party started. Nothing takes a party up a notch like getting everyone involved in a group drinking game. This simple to follow game below will get everyone involved, and will keep things interesting throughout the day – not to mention keep those Signature Azaleas flowing!

The Rules of The Masters Drinking Game are simple, drink when the below happens. Feel free to throw in some of your own rules to keep it interesting:

(1) Drink: When a fan audibly yells "GET IN THE HOLE!". (2) Drinks if they do it and it's not even a putt.

(1) Drink: For each putt made for par shown

(1) Drink: Anytime Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer are mentioned

(1) Drink: Anytime an announcer says “Hello Friends”

(1) Drink: Someone mentions Pine Straw

(1) Drink: Someone mentions any player “Still looking to win their first Masters”

(2) Drinks: Anytime someone refers to the Masters as "a tradition unlike any other"

(2) Drinks: For each put made for birdie/bogey shown

(2) Drinks: Anytime Tiger Woods is mentioned

(2) Drinks: Tiger Woods fist pump

(2) Drinks: At the mention of Magnolia Lane, Eisenhower Tree, Butler Cabin, Hogan's Bridge, Amen Corner, or Rae's Creek

(1) Shot/Chug your drink: For an eagle or double bogey

(1) Shot/Chug your drink: Each time they replay Bubba Watson's hook shot from his 2012 Masters win

(1) Shot/Chug your drink: For a hole in one

(1) Shot/Chug your drink: For an albatross (3 under par on a hole)

(1) Shot/Chug your drink: If Tiger Woods wins


There you go! This should give you everything you need to enjoy The Masters this Sunday almost as much as any other year! Enjoy and please share this article with anyone who is missing The Masters this year as much as we are!

 Masters Party set up