The Match II Results


the match 2 tiger woods peyton manning

Highly anticipated and far from a disappointment, The Match 2 delivered an exciting 18 holes of golf. The duo of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning versus Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady was quite the spectacle this past Sunday. Despite the weather conditions, these legends of their sport were nothing less than competitive. They also raised 20 million dollars for COVID relief efforts. With that being said, which pair of golfers came out victorious?

Who won?

The short answer is Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. They were off to an early lead in the first 9 holes. Being up by three strokes of Best Ball, even though Peyton Manning’s first shot found the rough. Thankfully, Tiger’s shot found the fairway. Despite Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady’s slow start, they played like it was the end of the 4 quarter on the back 9.

Memorable Moments

One of the most memorable moments from the Match 2 was Tom Brady’s stellar birdie. Easily the shot of the match, his birdie had commenters and his fellow contestants in shock. A rare low light for Tom Brady however, was that he split his pants during the match. Phil and Tom’s down the stretch got as close as being 1 hole behind (with hole wins at 11 and 14). However, it wasn’t enough to overcome Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Tiger being Tiger, he hit 14 out of 14 fairways for the day.

tom brady the match 2

Notable Tweets 

Social media had a lot to chime in about during the Match 2. Golfers and athletes from other sports made their voices heard via twitter. Here are some of the tweets during the match.

Nick Foles, the former Eagles Quarterback had this to say to Peyton Manning. 

Brooks Koepka offered 100k to Tom Brady if he hit par on the front nine, Brady does on the 7th hole. Brooks only had this to say. 

Tom Brady had so much torque, he split his pants during a great shot. 

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Peyton called out Tom Brady’s missed shots.  

Eli Manning had a few words of his own when his brother Peyton was debating on who would caddie. 

It was great to have a live golf event air during Memorial Day weekend. Unlike the first iteration of the Match, this time around it was more competitive with fun sound bites and trash talk. It also happened to be the largest golf telecast to date. The biggest take away from this was the 20 million they were able to raise for charity.