Does Beer Help Your Golf Game?

golf and beer

Beer and golf are synonymous with each other, kind of like a hot dog at a baseball game. And much like baseball, drinking beer is a favorite pastime for golfers. Whether it’s to celebrate an awesome birdie or to drown in sorrow after hitting it in the sand trap. Having a beer while playing golf just goes together. When playing a round of golf, some golfers swear that drinking beer helps with their game. They’ll even claim that their swing is smoother, and they can gauge their drives better. How does that myth compare to scientific facts? We at Proud 90 wanted to know the difference, so we decided to take a closer look. 


What Are Golfers Saying When They Have a Few Beers? 


Whether you play golf regularly or play occasionally, it’s almost tradition to have a beer or three during the round. Golfers love to talk about their greatest shot when being 3 sheets to the wind. Typically, you’ll hear them say “I play better when I've had a few drinks, it loosens me up.” While that statement seems far-fetch, is there something to be said about playing loose.  

Taking a golf swing uses all sorts of muscles, and if your muscles feel tight, you may not have the power you’re looking for on your drive. The effects of alcohol can make you feel loose when taking a swing, which can result in a smoother motionBut does beer help you play better or is that just hearsay? 


The Cold Hard Facts


What does science have to say when it comes to athletic performance while inebriatedFirst off, alcohol affects everyone differently as some people may have a higher tolerance. This plays a factor when you are thinking about “should I have another.” Too many beers will hurt your golf game. For those looking to just have a few beers during a round of golf, here’s what happens from a scientific perspective 

  • Your energy is depleted after drinking 
  • The body can’t replenish your muscles as it normally would 
  • Impaired vision 
  • Reaction time becomes slower causing blurriness in your vision 
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body 
  • This can cause muscle strains, pulls, and cramps 


beer pour

So What's The Verdict 

The short answer is no, beer doesn’t help improve your golf game. Sadly, it doesn’t help your drives go further or help you sink long putts on the green. However, the general consensus is that about 3-4 beers is the sweet spot for most golfers to hit well without negatively affecting their game. It also depends on the golfer’s tolerance, but for the average golfer, that amount seems to be the right balance of fun and performance.  

When playing golf with your buddies or being paired with random golfers by the Starter, golf is just a little more fun with a few brewskisSo why not add a bit of fun to your round. Just make sure you have a designated driver or use a ride-sharing service when leaving the course. It's also a good idea to have water or Gatorade handy to help rehydrate your body, especially when it's hot out. You also don’t want to forget to wear a hat when its sunny out (Browse Proud 90 hats). So, beer doesn’t help your golf game, oh well. It’s all about having a good time while you’re playing.