Golf Gifts for Dad - Fathers Day 2020

Father’s Day is approaching! Did you get a gift yet? If you haven’t grabbed a gift or don’t know what to get, don’t worry. We have some great gift ideas to get dad for Father’s Day. 


Indoor Putting Green


indoor putting green gift


The short game is make or break for many golfers when shooting for birdie. A great way for dad to practice his shots on the green is an indoor putting green. He can set it up in the garage or office so he can practice his short game without a rain delay.  


The Practical Gifts


golf ball gift


If you’re looking for something your dad can use when he goes out golfing, then a practical gift will go a long way. Every golfer can use extra golf balls, tees, and new golf gloves and towels. It may not be the sexiest gift out there, but it’ll be one that is used frequently. 


Golf Movies


happy gilmore movie


Gifting dad some Blu-ray golf movies is great for days when it’s raining out or if there isn’t a golf tournament on T.V. Nothing will quite make the old man laugh when putting on Caddyshack, Tin Cup, or Happy Gilmore. Give the gift that keeps on giving.  


Golf Hats



If there is something common with dad’s is that they hang on to their favorite golf hat. No matter how beat up it is or how the sweat stains are showing, dads love their hats. Bring him to the 21st century with a new dad hat from Proud 90. We have a variety of hats that are perfect for dads out there. And if a snapback hat isn’t his style, we have hats like our F* The Snowman that is great for on and off the course. 


Golf Performance Polos


golf performance polo


Let’s face it, dad might have outdated golf polos from the 70’s that he still wears. What worked then doesn’t quite make par today. Why not help dad with a new wardrobe and buy him a Proud 90 performance golf polo. Our polos feature moisture-wicking which is perfect for playing golf on a hot day. He’ll be the talk of the course when wearing a stylish golf polo from Proud 90.