Rank Em’ - Golf’s Craziest Outfits

rodney dangerfleild golf caddyshack


We at Proud 90 love to stand out on the golf course. If you haven’t seen our golf polos and hats, then you are missing out. As golf fans, we love it when the pros wear ridiculous outfits. It adds fun to a sport where traditionally, golfers would wear neutral color slacks, plain polos, or sport an argyle sweater. But that begs the question “who wore it best?”  


Bubba Watson


bubba watson golf camo


In 2011, Bubba Watson wore camo slacks with a green polo. If he was trying to blend in with the background, it didn’t work as originally intended. Maybe he was hunting for birdies out on the course or a pesky gofer.


Sergio Garcia


sergio garcia yellow golf outfit


Sergio is typically one of the more stylish golfers on the PGA tour. One of his questionable outfits was in 2006, when he wore all yellow. We’re not quite sure what he was trying to pull off, but it helped him stand out from the crowd.


Rickie Fowler


rickie fowler orange golf outfit


Continuing the theme of all solid color outfits is Rickie Fowler. Notably, in 2012, he wore an all-orange golf polo and pants. He certainly stood out on the tour, but it begs the question “is he directing traffic after finishing 18-holes?”


Bill Murray


Bill Murray Camp golf outfit


Legendary actor and comedian, Bill Murray wears some pretty outrageous outfits out on the course. His Mossy Oak inspired outfit in 2012 turned some heads. Looking like he’s ready to camp out and hunt, Bill Murray wore it like no one else.


John Daly


John Daly Pastel golf outfit


This list wouldn’t be complete without John Daly. Easily one of the most recognizable golfers on the PGA for his eccentric clothes and flare for style. It was tough choosing just one of his ensembles (there are so many good ones). After some research, his 2011 pastel mix-match outfit takes the cake. The pants say it all with its combination of purple and amoeba looking patterns.

So, who won? In our eyes, they are all winners. They’re pros and can easily shoot under 90 on any given day. For golfers looking to stand out like these pros, check out the Proud 90 apparel collection. We have all sorts of fun designs and hats to show off on and off the course.