What Should I Wear During the Dog Days of Summer

golf course


It’s the dog days of summer, what are you wearing to the golf course? For a lot of golfers, it means it’s time to wear polos and hit the course. But not all clothes are created equal and it’s time for you to update your golf attire. Some of your golf clothes not only look outdated, but it can trap in heat. Ask any golfer in the clubhouse and they’ll tell you it’s all about keeping cool, especially on a hot summer day. Here are a few apparel suggestions to help you update your golf wardrobe.  

Golf Polos


golf polos


The quintessential golf top, a golf polo is the most popular shirt you’ll see on the golf course. If you’re thinking “I have plenty of polos, I don’t need another one.” Well, hate to break it to you, but you’re going to sweat during 18-holes. Older polos are typically made with heavier fabrics like cotton, which makes it incredibly hot to wear. Not to mention but sweat stains will also show more on those types of polos. Buy a golf polo that has moisture-wicking and is light on the material. And if it’s a Proud 90 golf polo, you’ll not only keep sweat at bay, but you’ll stand out at the clubhouse.  


Golf Pants/Shorts


golf shorts


Whether you wear slacks or shorts on the golf course, it’s a good idea to update them. Like older golf polos, the material on shorts and slacks can be too thick for summer wear. The golf pants and shorts to look for are those made with lighter materials. Typically, with pants that have lighter materials, the heat doesn’t trap in. And to your skin, they’ll feel “breathable” versus traditional slacks.  


Golf Hats



If you are like many golfers, then you might have a favorite golf hat that you wear all the time. Nothing wrong with your go-to hat. Well, except it might have signs of sweat stains and a weird smell. Update your apparel with a new golf hat. Not only will it feel awesome wearing a new hat, but it’ll provide you with better shade protection for your face.  


It’s Got to Be the Shoes


golf shoes


Lest we forget about what we wear on our feet. Think about it, you’re on your feet, driving, hitting for par, but one of your spikes comes off. Comfy shoes are great, but much like a car tire, they’ve hit that point of no return. Treat yourself to some new golf shoes. Shoe technology has come a long way. So, why not take advantage. Not only will they look cool, but they’ll feel great on your feet.  

Take advantage of the summer and play more golf! Just make sure you have the right equipment when venturing to the golf course. If you are debating on which polos or hats to buy. Look no further than Proud 90. We have an awesome selection of golf polos and hats that’s perfect for on and off the course.