The Best Celebrity Golfers

The one thing that golf is known for are the celebrities that play. However unlikely, some celebrities play and shoot well on the golf course. Some of the celebrity golfers are famous musicians, athletes, or movie stars. Though not pros in the golf world, these celebs can play with the best of them. Here are some of the best celebrity golfers.


Bill Murray 


bill murray


This former groundskeeper is one of the most recognized celebrity golfers. Often seen in some funny and ridiculous golf outfits. This comedy legend also has a game to boot. He is one of the staples in Celebrity Pro-Am charity matches. Not only does he play, but he wins the occasional Pro-Am.  


Alice Cooper


alice cooper


The rock legend Alice Cooper is a golfer. You may not think that this rock star trades leather jackets for a golf polo, but he does. He’s battled with alcoholism for much of his career. So, he traded the bottle for a set of clubs. With a handicap of 7, he’s not only off the sauce, but he’s a pretty good golfer. 


Samuel L Jackson


samuel l jackson


Starring in many movies like Pulp Fiction, Avengers, and Snakes on a Plane, Samuel L Jackson is one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Not only is Samuel L Jackson the highest-grossing actor of all time, but he’s a great golfer. With a handicap of 6, he’s played with some well-known golfers. Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer most notably.  


Adam Levine


adam levine


You might have seen Adam Levine on The Voice or as the frontman for Maroon 5. His talents go beyond the stage. One of his surprising talents is his golf game. He enjoys going out on the course and playing 18-holes. Even though his schedule is busy, he manages to go out to the course and play. 


Michael Jordan


michael jordan


The G.O.A.T., his air-ness, the one and only Michael Jordan. The 6-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls is no stranger to the golf course. His handicap is 1.2 and he developed much of his early golf game in college. He is a member of many private golf courses and typically plays 36 holes a day. 


Kenny G


kenny g


The Saxophone musician and artist Kenny G is a damn good golfer. His handicap is +0.6 which means he’s shooting better than par. Through his career, he balanced world tours while maintaining his handicap. He continues improving his game stating “he wants to get better.”  


John Smoltz


john smoltz


The baseball pitcher John Smoltz is surprisingly a good golfer. The 200-game winner has tried to qualify for the US Open in the past. He is often regarded as one of the best Non-PGA Tour Pro. With a plus 2 handicap, he brings his A-game on the golf course.