What Are The Best Golf Shots?


One of the best things about golf is the shots. There’s something about hitting the perfect putt or having an incredible drive. It’s one of the reasons why we come back to the golf course. The average golfer can recall their personal best shots, but there is nothing like when a golf pro makes an impossible out. Here are our favorite golf shots from the PGA Pros.


2012 Master’s - Bubba Watson



During the 2012 Master’s Bubba Watson hit a hook shot from the rough to land the ball on the green. 


1986 Masters - Jack Nicklaus



The golden bear has had some spectacular shots during his career. This shot from 86’ was memorable. 


2000 PGA Championship - Tiger Woods



Tiger’s point-at-the-hole shot was a memorable one in the 2000 PGA Championship. 


2011 US Open – Rory Mcllroy



An incredible shot for Rory Mcllroy as the ball crept towards the pin. 


2013 John Deere Classic - Jordan Spieth



This bunker shot was impressive as the ball hit the pin. 


These Guys Are Good


You wouldn’t expect anything less than from PGA Tour pros. These golf shots are nothing short, but awesome. For the average golfer, it’ll take many lessons and practice just to be able to shoot 90. But we all have moments that are just as fun on the golf course. When heading out to your tee-time, don’t forget to wear a golf polo and hat. If you are looking for new apparel, shop our new designs today!