1. Choose: Add up to 4 items to your cart to try on at home. Only pay a $10 deposit today. 
  2. Try:Once your items are delivered to your home, your 5 day trial period begins. 
  3. Buy: At the end of your trial period, keep what you love and send back the rest using the prepaid shipping label. You will only be charged for what you keep*

    *Restocking fee of $10 will be charged if all items in your order are returned.

Try Before You Buy allows you to try up to a maximum of 4 items at once. 

You have 5 days to try out your items. 48 hours before the end of your Try period, you’ll receive an email reminder with a countdown timer.

Your trial period starts when all of the items from your Try Before You Buy order are delivered. 

The deposit charged upon your initial checkout will be applied toward the cost of any items you decide to keep. If you return all items in your order, your deposit is applied to the restocking fee. 

Try Before You Buy is available for customers shipping to the United States only. 

Yes, you can absolutely use a discount code with Try Before You Buy. You will have the option to enter in your discount code on the 2nd page of checkout after you’ve entered in your shipping address. If you decide to keep any discounted items, we’ll apply the code at the end of your trial period.

Yes! You can add different sizes and colors of the same item to find your perfect fit. 

Yes, you can check out with a mixed cart that includes both TBYB and non-TBYB items where you will only need to pay up front for the non-TBYB items.

You can find the tracking information for your order in the shipping confirmation email that is sent as soon as your items are fulfilled and shipped. 

You will receive an email notification once all items in your order have been delivered. The email will include a link to your Customer Portal order page which will include details about your order and a countdown timer for your trial period so you will know when it expires. The email will come from sender, with the subject line, “Try period starting for Proud 90 order {order number}”. 

Both Try Before You Buy and upfront items are available to be exchanged if there is more than one variant available for the product and if the product is in stock. The option to initiate an exchange is available to you in the Blackcart Customer Portal once all items in your order have been delivered. 

Simply send back the items through the Blackcart Customer Portal within your trial and drop off period and you will only be charged the $10 restocking fee. If at least 1 item is kept the restocking fee will not be charged. 

Returns shipping for any items you do not wish to keep is covered by Proud 90. You will only incur a $10 restocking fee if all items in your Try Before You Buy order are returned. If you keep at least 1 item, the $10 restocking fee is waived. 

For any items you do not wish to keep, simply submit your return decision through the Blackcart Customer Portal. You’ll find a link to your portal account in your transactional emails. Once your return decision is submitted, you’ll be able to print a prepaid shipping label, and from there, drop-off your return at the nearest relevant carrier location within 3 days of submitting your send back decision.

For some orders (especially first-time orders), a temporary authorization charge may be processed to verify the validity of the credit card. The charges can vary from $1 - $100 depending on the total order value.

Note that this charge is automatically and immediately canceled, but may remain visible as a pending 'authorization charge' for a few business days. Authorization charges are never held for longer than a few seconds and should be removed from your statement within a few days of being processed.

If you do not see a refund or if the transaction is not removed from your statement after a week, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Your credit card will not be charged for any Try Before You Buy items when initially checking out; however, we still ask for your payment details. This is to make it easy for you to decide which items to keep (and pay for), after you’ve had a chance to try them on at home first.