What is Proud 90?

Proud 90 is a golf brand made for guys and girls who love to have fun out on the golf course. Even though we love to play, doesn't always mean we play all that great!

The idea of Proud 90 comes from the idea that for most golfers, going out and shooting a 90 on 18 holes (or anywhere near there for that matter) would be one of the proudest days in their golf life! That is where we live. 

We want to create golf apparel that encourages more people to join in on the fun of playing golf, regardless of what their scores may be.

We are pretty confident that we will never be on the PGA Tour, but that isn't going to keep us from going out and enjoying every round as much as possible. And that all starts with what we wear walking onto the first tee.

Look good, feel good, play ok?, have fun.